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Want to Find Life ? Study a Sunset !

jeudi 29 mai 2014
<p><strong>Titan's Smoggy Sunsets Help Scientists Devise Tools to Find Evidence of Life Elsewhere</strong></p> <p><img class="alignnone" src="" alt="Cassini at Titan!" /></p> (...)

Sun-Like Stars May Munch on Earth-like Planets

samedi 24 mai 2014
<p><strong>Our Sun Just LOOKS Friendly</strong></p> <p><img class="alignnone" src="" alt="spectra!" /></p> <p><em>What if we could determine if a given star is (...)

The Next Mars Lander

mardi 20 mai 2014
<p><strong>Digging Deep to Learn More about Mars</strong></p> <p><img class="alignnone" src="" alt="Mars InSight!" /></p> <p>NASA/JPL announced this week that it is starting the (...)

When Galaxies Collide !

dimanche 18 mai 2014
<p><strong>Behemoth Collisions Spur Starbirth</strong></p> <p><img class="alignnone" src="" alt="Galaxy collision simulation" /></p> <p><em>A frame from the (...)

Discovering and Imaging Alien Worlds

dimanche 18 mai 2014
<p><strong>Seeing a Distant World from Earth</strong></p> <p><img class="alignnone" src="" alt="Beta Pictoris b" /></p> <p><em>Beta Pictoris b (the small white dot to the lower (...)

What’s Happening to Jupiter ?

jeudi 15 mai 2014
<p><strong>Its Great Red Spot is Getting Smaller!</strong></p> <p><img class="alignnone" src="" alt="Jupiter and Great Red Spot" /></p> <p>The planet Jupiter is a world of (...)

Getting Started in Astronomy

jeudi 8 mai 2014
<p><strong>Look Up! See Stars and More! </strong></p> <p>Astronomy is one of the easiest sciences to learn about. People have been "doing" astronomy since the first stargazers stepped out under a starry sky and looked up. The astronomer Carl Sagan used to (...)

Alien Contact : Are Humans Ready ?

mardi 6 mai 2014
<p><strong>Researchers Look at Humanity's Readiness for First Contact</strong></p> <p>Aliens! Humans have been searching for some evidence of life outside Earth for many years. The serious scientific approach has been the business of a group called <a (...)

Ganymede is Different Under Its Icy Skin

jeudi 1er mai 2014
<p><strong>Jupiter's Moon May have Layers</strong></p> <p> </p> <p><img class="alignnone" src="" alt="Ganymede" /></p> <p><em>This artist's concept of (...)

What Lies Between Galaxies ?

mardi 29 avril 2014
<p><strong>Exploring the Intergalactic Medium</strong></p> <p><img src="" alt="" /></p> <p><em>A (...)

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