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Learn about Spacewalker Bernard Harris

jeudi 23 février 2017
Bernard Harris was the first African-American man to walk in space, and is an accomplished doctor and business leader.

Kepler Telescope is a Planet-Finding Machine

jeudi 23 février 2017
The Kepler Telescope has been NASA's main planet-finding machine; it has spied out nearly 5,000 planet candidates and just keeps finding them.

Meet an Early Master of Geometry

jeudi 23 février 2017
The Greek philosopher,Thales of Miletus is best-known for his work in geometry and predicting eclipses. His written work is gone, but his ideas survive.

The Ancient Astronomer with Modern Ideas

jeudi 23 février 2017
Early Greek astronomers such as Aristarchus began humanity's attempts to learn more about the cosmos and our place in it.

The History of Astronomy & Space Exploratio...

jeudi 23 février 2017
The 20th century was filled with space and astronomy exploration. This timeline hits the high points and provides useful links for further reading.

Kalpana Chawla (PH.D.) - NASA Astronaut - Lost...

jeudi 23 février 2017
Kalpana Chawla (PH.D.) - NASA Astronaut died aboard STS-107 Columbia (January 16 to February 1, 2003). The 16-day flight was a dedicated science and research mission. Working 24 hours a day, in two alternating shifts, the crew successfully conducted approximately 80 experiments. The STS-107 (...)

A Great Gift for Pluto's Discoverer

jeudi 23 février 2017
Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto in 1930, and ever since then, astronomers have celebrated the birthday of the man who opened the outer solar system to our view.

Beth Brown : Pioneering Astrophysicist

jeudi 23 février 2017
Read about one of NASA's pioneering woman scientists, the late Dr. Beth Brown, and her accomplishments in x-ray astronomy and science outreach.

See What Happens to a Black Hole When Galaxies...

mercredi 15 février 2017
Astronomers found a distant galaxy that had been badly damaged in a collision. In the process, its supermassive black hole was stripped of stars!

Ephémérides 2017 - Février

Voici le programme pour ce mois de février 2017. Je rappelle que vous pourrez retrouver tous ces événements rassemblés dans notre Almanach du ciel 2017 : : - Ce mois-ci, l'étoile carbonée W Orionis atteint sa coloration maximum - La Lune occulte l'étoile Aldébaran le 5 - La Lune toujours, s'éclipse (...)

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